If you purchased a MacBook Pro, you register a new touch screen panel above the keyboard, which is the touch bar. It doesn’t matter if you bought a new MacBook Pro because you needed to upgrade your laptop or because the idea of ​​the touch bar sounded tempting, you’re stuck in it. If you find it useful, it’s well-spent money no matter what anyone else has to say about it. If you are not a fan, donate Haptic touch bar try before handing over the Touch Bar. It’s a $ 4.99 app that adds haptic feedback to the touchbar and beeps when you press a button.

Haptic feedback for the touch bar

charge Haptic touch bar. A trial version is available that you can check to see if the app is working well before you spend money on it. Run the app, give access to accessibility on request, and when you press any softkey or any softkey on the touchbar, it gives you haptic and audio feedback.

How does this work?

The touchbar doesn’t have built-in haptic feedback, so the logical question is, “What’s going on?” Although Apple decided not to consider haptic feedback on the touchbar, it added touch strength to the trackpad in 2015. The same technology has spread to the latest MacBook Pro models. This app uses the same engine to provide feedback when you press any touchbar hotkey.

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