A reticle is found in all kinds of apps, but it’s a staple in games, especially FPS games. The reticle helps players aim and can also help reduce motion sickness by allowing users to focus on one spot on the screen.

Games usually offer a lot of customization options, but they don’t allow users to customize the reticle. You get what you get unless you’re committed enough to tweak the game and change the reticle. Some games may benefit from a reticle but do not. Either way, you can add a better crosshair to your game using an app.

Add a crosshair in the game

To add a crosshair to a set, do the following:

  1. Download and install a free app called Crossover.
  2. Run the app.
  3. Press the Ctrl + Alt + Shift + X keyboard shortcut to lock the reticle.
  4. Open the game you want to play.
  5. Panoramic and the the reticle in the middle of the screen will allow you to aim better.
  6. AT move the crosshair, return to the app.
  7. Press the Ctrl + Alt + Shift + X keyboard shortcut to unlock it.
  8. Click and drag the small grid icon to position the crosshair anywhere on the screen.
  9. Lock it again and get back to your game.

Customize the reticle

One of the reasons we recommend using Crossover is that it allows users to customize the crosshair added by the app.

  1. Perform crossover.
  2. Use the ‘“Size” slider to modify the size of the reticle.
  3. Click inside the color (yellow by default), and choose another color for the reticle.
  4. Click on ‘Choose reticle’, and you can choose a different look for the reticle. There are dozens of options to choose from.
  5. You can reset the app by pressing the Keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + Shift + R.
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