The Calculator app on Windows 10 has been updated in recent years with new features, including an option to pin the app to the top of the desktop. A new feature introduced in the May 2004 update adds a neat graphics mode to the application that can map equations and functions in the same way.

If you installed the May 2004 update, you probably already have it. Otherwise, the app may need to be updated from the Microsoft Store.

Graph mode in calculator

To access the graphics mode in the calculator;

  1. Open the Calculator application.
  2. Click it hamburger button (three lines) at the top left.
  3. From the panel that opens, select Graphical Representation.

Using graphics mode

To use the graphics mode after activating it;

  1. Click and drag the corner of the Calculator app to make the window wider and you can see the input panel.
  2. Click inside the “Enter a function” field and enter a function or an equation to map.
  3. For variables, you have the possibility of enter values ​​where the equation allows you for example (a + b) ^ 2 = a ^ 2 + 2ab + b ^ 2.
  4. the graph will be drawn automatically. You can zoom in and out.
  5. AT share the chart, click the share button on it, and you can share it as PNG via the Mail app.

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