The Huawei Mate 30 Pro is clearly particularly waterproof, as shown in a recent video released by Weiboo. Indeed, the user noticed that the smartphone was lost in the floods in China. After spending three days in the water, your smartphone still works!

mate 30 pro-flood
Credit: Huawei

The Mate 30 Pro, Huawei’s first smartphone without Google services, can be IP68 certified (withstands dust, splashes and sinking to depths of up to a meter), it is certainly not recommended to leave it in the water for several days. But according to a recent video posted on Weibo, China’s main social network, The Shenzhen company’s flagship resists such damage quite well.

As you may know, China’s Henan Province has been plagued by historically bad weather. The area received more than 552 millimeters of rainfall, or 86% of the annual average. The human and material damage is great, and about a hundred victims are currently being identified. During this disaster, many cars were destroyed (figures suggest $ 154 million in damage).

It is clear, many electronic devices were also washed away, such as smartphones. In fact, the user posted a video to Weibo that quickly spread across the country. We see a Huawei Mate 30 Pro that, according to the videographer, would have passed three days in water.

mate 30 pro flood
Credit: The Great Wall NewMedia

Mate 30 Pro lasts three days in water

After taking the time to dry the appliance properly, it turns out that the smartphone has completely restarted. He could even make and receive calls. Of course, nothing confirms 100 percent whether Mate 30 Pro really spent those three days in the torrents that destroyed the city of Zhengzhou. Still, if the story is true, it is still a tribute to Huawei’s flagship.

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As a reminder, a similar story happened to us recently from China. Many Internet users have uploaded videos to several Tesla networks that have literally turned into boats. In fact, American-made electric sedans look like confusing ease as evolving flood roads. They have to praise this for their small air intake that prevents water from penetrating the engine block.

Source: GizChina

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