You can use a variety of security measures when using your Windows 10 computer. For example, many users want to hide their webcams and others want to mute their computer microphone.

If you use the microphone infrequently, turning it off is a good safety precaution, so you don’t run the risk of someone listening in on your conversations. The following guide shows you the different methods you can use to try to mute your computer’s microphone.

Disable the microphone in Settings on a Windows 10 computer

There is an option in your computer settings to turn off the microphone. To access this setting, click the Windows Start menu and then the gear. Select the Microphone option on the left side of the new window. (You need to scroll down a bit.)

When you are in Microphone, “Allow the microphone to be used with this device” to see if the microphone is on or off. If enabled, click the gray Edit option and deselect it. After turning off the microphone, click outside the box to close it.

This first option disables the microphone in all applications. If you only want to mute the microphone of certain applications, you can. The section below (Allow apps to use your microphone) contains all the apps that use your microphone. deactivate the ones you want to block access to.

To mute the microphone using Device Manager in Windows 10

To open Device Manager, type Device Manager in the search bar. When it opens, look for an option that says audio inputs and outputs – this should be the first option.

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Click the drop-down menu and you’ll see an option for your microphone and speakers. Right-click on the microphone option and select “Disable Device”.

Disable the Windows 10 microphone through the control panel

You can open the Control Panel by searching for it as in other methods or by pressing the button Win + R keys and typing Control Panel. When it opens, click Hardware and Sound Settings. In the next window, select the Sound option (third down).

The Sound window appears automatically. When that happens, click the Save tab. The active microphone has a green check mark and a volume meter on the right. Right-click the active microphone and select Disable. Click OK to save the changes.

To mute the microphone in Registry Editor

Press the button to open the register Win + R key. Type regedit, and the Register appears. Click the drop-down menu to get the following path:

You should see mixed numbers and letters. Each set of numbers has its own properties. After clicking each, look for the Microphone option in the right pane.

When you have found the sequence of numbers by selecting the microphone, click on the sequence of numbers. When you see the DeviceState option, double-click it. To turn off the microphone, the data value should be 10000001, but if you want to turn it on, it should only read 1.

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You can protect your privacy in different ways, and Mute Mute is one of them. There are several ways to choose from, and hopefully you’ve found what you want. What path are you going to try?

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