How to view recently updated Windows drivers

Automatic updates for your computer can be handy. Most of the time, your computer’s software updates are quiet, but sometimes these installations can cause problems. Sometimes, updating a driver can cause your system to crash. A new driver can also create a problem in the performance of a piece of hardware.

Who are the pilots?

Every computer has two components: software and hardware. Hardware is the physical components of your computer that you can hold in your hand. Motherboard, RAM, mouse, keyboard are examples of hardware.

Software is the program that helps hardware do its job. Examples of software would be Windows, Google Chrome, and Media Player.

Your computer’s hardware and software cannot communicate with each other without a driver. They speak different languages. It’s like the hardware speaks Chinese and the software speaks English. They need a translator, and that’s where the pilots come in. They translate information so that hardware and software can understand each other.

What kinds of errors are caused by the drivers?

What kinds of errors could be the result of a new or updated driver? There are a wide variety of issues that could be the result of the latest version of the software. These included

  • An application that crashes and crashes
  • System stability and performance issues
  • Software conflicts and incompatibilities
  • Security concerns
  • Hardware that will not work
  • Inability to access new hardware features provided by the update.

How to search for new drivers

If you are having any of the issues listed above with your computer, a recent update to one of the drivers may be the cause. Begin your troubleshooting by looking for recently updated or installed drivers.

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Windows update information in your settings not only shows you recent Windows updates, but also lists recently updated or newly installed drivers.

1. Open settings. You can use the keyboard shortcut To win + I or click the Windows icon in the lower left corner and click the gear icon.

2. Click on “Updates and Security”.

View updated driver settings

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