OnePlus tackles the high-end earbuds with its OnePlus Buds Pro: they will feature “adaptive noise cancellation” and should have a design quite similar to that of the AirPods Pro.


Unlike Samsung’s Galaxy Buds 2, which grabbed the headlines long before its official release slated for next month, OnePlus has been much more understated and the company only revealed last week. its new audio product, the OnePlus Buds Pro.

After introducing the OnePlus Buds last year, it was time for the company to expand its range of earphones with a new set of higher-end headphones, benefiting in particular from the inclusion of so-called “adaptive noise cancellation” technology.


Indeed, the OnePlus Buds Pro should have three microphones to “monitor outside noise” and “intelligently produce noise-canceling counter frequencies.” The headphones will then be able to adjust “The amount of noise cancellation required, by self-adjusting from a minimum of 15 decibels to a maximum of 40db. ”

“For OnePlus, we always want to create the best user experience possible. Audio devices are an essential part of the daily digital life of our users and are essential in taking the digital entertainment experience to the next level ”, OnePlus head of research and development Kinder Liu said.

Compared to their predecessors, battery life already impressive will also be improved on the new headphones. Liu says the Buds Pro’s battery life with its charging case will be “up to 28 hours” with adaptive noise cancellation enabled, or “up to 38 hours” if it is disabled. On the design side, it seems that OnePlus does not hesitate to make comparisons with the AirPods Pro.

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Described as similar in look and size to the world’s best-selling premium wireless headphones, the OnePlus Buds Pro will be featured in a sleek matte black finish with a “shiny metallic coating” on the rods to provide a “Better user experience while resistant to sweat and dust to handle your most intense workouts”, says Liu.The OnePlus Buds Pro are expected to launch alongside the OnePlus Nord 2 on July 22.



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