The Galaxy Note 21 will not be released this year. Samsung has confirmed this, but has never indicated that it wants to abandon its range. Will she come back in 2022 with a flexible screen phone? In any case, this is what a patent suggests. Samsung is currently betting more on its two stars: the Z Fold and the Z Flip.

Note 20
Galaxy Note 20

The Galaxy Note has always represented the pinnacle of high end at Samsung. A variation of the Galaxy S, it offered a larger screen and the presence of a stylus. But the Galaxy S Ultra models as well as the appearance of the Fold made it somewhat useless, to such an extent that there will be no model in 2021.

The Korean company confirmed this decision, justifying that it did not wish to fragment its offer in a period marked by a big shortage of semiconductors. However, nothing says that the Note range will not return in 2022. A patent spotted by Android Headline even suggests that it could come up with a flexible screen.

This patent filed by Samsung Display with the Korean Intellectual Property Office is titled Flex Note. It describes an OLED screen dedicated to smartphones, a computer or a tablet. The Note mention is ticking here. We know that at Samsung, it is only used on one occasion: to evoke the Galaxy Note. Note that other similar patents have been filed, with various names such as Flex Clamshell, Flex Square, Flex Rollable or Flex N.

The Galaxy Note 21 with flexible screen, a plausible hypothesis

The existence of a Galaxy Note with a flexible display is completely in the realm of speculation. However, the idea is not necessarily aberrant. The interest of a “classic” Note today is completely null, since the S21 Ultra fulfills this function perfectly. However, the brand’s foldable smartphones, namely the Fold and the Flip, do not (yet) have a built-in stylus. Trying a comeback with a foldable format centered around the S-Pen would therefore make sense in 2022.

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In any case, Samsung will bet on its foldable screens this year. The manufacturer has confirmed that an Unpacked event will be held on August 11. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 should be presented there just like the new Z Flip 3. On the other hand, the Galaxy Note 21 will be conspicuous by its absence… in the meantime its big comeback in 2022?

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